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Made To Impress.


Easily create beautiful fans from 2D to 8D even if you are new to volume and handmaking fans. 

Cut down your volume lashing time without compromising quality. Pre-Made Fans are also another great alternative.

To see the full complete guide on choosing safe weights to create fans, supporting your client's natural lashes and more information, please refer to our Helpful Easy Fanning Lashes Guide.

100% handmade
Made from Premium A-Class Fiber
• Lighter and softer than mink & other synthetic lashes
• Double heated for maximum curl retention
• Foil backing for easy pickup
• Offers the most natural look

Finish: Matte
Color: True Black
Lines: 16
Techniques: Handmade Volume, Russian Volume
Skill Level: Suitable for Lash Artists with classic training


Manufacturing warranty: Highclass Lashes guarantees curl retention quality for 1 year after purchase date.

Guaranteed maximum curl retention— all lashes are double heated
Best if used within 6 months of purchase (Due to long shelf-life and stability, lashes are safe to stock up or purchase in bulk.)

All lashes on the market are made from the same material, but not all materials are of the same quality. There are many different inferior grades and options available, which is why all brands have different qualities. All of our lashes are sourced from only the highest quality tier raw materials available on the market. (Most lashes are marketed under different and intentionally confusing names such as "Mink," "Faux Mink," "Silk," "Cashmere," "Camellia," etc. This is falsely misleading as many Lash Artists are made to actually believe that their lashes are really made from "Mink" or "Silk." However, that is simply not the case; these names simply refer to their finish and tapered ends — ie. Silk is often with a semi-matte or satin finish with ends tapered 1/3rd down from the tip & slightly thicker in appearance while Mink is often with a semi-gloss finish and ends tapered 2/3rd down from the tip & slightly thinner in appearance. Lashes actually made from Silk or Cashmere fibers would be structurally impossible. In terms of marketing, it just sounds better but does it mean that the lash is actually made from a more higher quality and superior material like the marketing would want you to believe? No. All lashes on the market are made from the same material, but not all materials are of the same quality.)

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Return Policy

We want you to love your Highclass Lashes products. But if you’re not completely satisfied, you are always welcome to return or exchange within 15 days for any unused or unopened products.

Our support team can help you troubleshoot any performance issues with adhesives and liquids.
Due to hygienic safety issues, adhesives and liquids cannot be returned.

We ask that you please contact support immediately within 72 hours of receipt for any defective products or quality concerns.

To start your return process, please click the Support Chat on the site or contact us at [email protected]

Troubleshooting & Support

Having retention issues? We're here to help. Email or chat with us at any time.

Our support team can help you troubleshoot any performance issues with your adhesive, liquids, lashes and other Highclass Lashes products.

We ask that you please review the checklist below and if you need additional assistance, we can go through this list together to pinpoint the exact problem and quickly find the best solution.

Common Problems

1. Adhesive sticky, stringy, tacky or thickening
Reason for issue: Adhesive dot or adhesive in bottle is ready for replacement, or expired adhesive.
How to troubleshoot: Do not put too much in a glue ring or on a jade stone, just a dot is more than enough. Always be sure to store adhesives correctly and throw away when expired.

2. Adhesive drying too fast
Reason for issue: Lack of air quality control, too high humidity, or applying too slowly.
How to troubleshoot: Make sure the temperature and humidity in the lash studio is equal to what the adhesive requires. This will keep the adhesive at a consistent temperature so the adhesive doesn’t polymerize. Air quality, the right room temperature, and humidity all play important factors in how adhesives work and how well extensions bond. If the humidity is too high, the adhesive is going to cure too fast, and can affect retention if application is not fast enough.

3. Adhesive drying too slow
Reason for issue: Lack of air quality control, too low humidity, applying too quickly, or too much adhesive.
How to troubleshoot: Dip extension quickly and lightly – do not dip too long. If there is extra glue, simply re-dip the extension into the adhesive and drag off the extra. Moreover, isolating and placing lashes too quickly will cause extensions to not dry properly during application and cause ‘stickes’. Neighboring lashes will clump together and glue will spread where it shouldn’t. This can make the service extremely lengthy and risks the lashes being glued to one another.

4. Lashes sticking together
Reason for issue: Improper isolation, not working in different sections of the eye, using too much glue, low humidity, slow drying adhesive, or not brushing through lashes.
How to troubleshoot: Brush through lashes so they lie flat and straight. Make sure lashes are completely isolated. Once an extension is placed, extensions should be held in place until full drying time has passed. Additionally, work in different sections of the eye and avoid placing extensions nearby to recently placed extensions. If Client's lashes are stuck together: use a set of lash tweezers to separate any extensions stuck together. Grasp and peel the lashes horizontally apart, never pull the extension up vertically. This is done best before the adhesive is dry, but not totally cured. Any lashes stuck together will fall out together, which may result in gaps.

5. Lashes falling off
Reason for issue: Not cleansing and/or priming thoroughly before application, poor quality adhesive, not using enough adhesive, incorrect isolation technique and/or placement, or fiddling with lashes after initial placement.
How to troubleshoot: Lashes sometimes need to be cleaned 2-3x before they are completely cleaned as the makeup moves around the first go and is normally completely cleaned after the 2nd or 3rd go. Retention can be compromised when the bond hasn’t been made correctly onto the surface of the lash. Failing to attach correctly, will mean every time the lashes are brushed upwards, washed with cleansers and slept on, the bond will weaken. Primers help remove any remaining buildup after cleansing a client’s natural lashes and extra dry out the natural lashes, making it especially useful for naturally oily clients.

6. Adhesive keeps clumping
Reason for issue: Too much adhesive being used, or improper isolation and placement.
How to troubleshoot: Do not use too much adhesive, a small bead should form at the end the extension, not multiple beads. Make sure lashes are completely isolated and when extensions are placed, be sure to hold the extension for the recommended dry time before releasing.

7. Adhesive ‘not working’
Reason for issue: incorrect adhesive for air quality, room temp. and/or humidity, or incorrect adhesive for skill level.
How to troubleshoot: Lash adhesives perform ideally in a humidity range of 45-60%. A hygrometer is perfect for reading temperature and humidity in a lash studio so it can be controlled. Additionally, when shopping for adhesives, purchasing different adhesives for different temperature and humidity levels is ideal. Purchasing an adhesive with a curing time slow or fast enough for the Lash Artist's individual lash speed is ideal as well. The higher the humidity, the thicker the glue will be needed. Adversely, the lower the humidity, the runnier the adhesive will be needed.

8. Watery eyes
Reason for issue: Eyepads applied ill-fitted & incorrectly, or fumes getting into client’s eye.
How to troubleshoot: Ensure under eyepads are not applied too close to the waterline as this can tickle and cause irritation which the eyes will react to by watering. Moreover, make sure the client’s eyes are closed for the entirety of the service and use a fan or an air blower to disperse the fumes away from the client's eyes before they are opened.

Lash Retention Is Client Retention

Lash retention can be 50/50 Lash Artist and client; there are many different factors which can cause lash retention issues. Retention issues alone do not lose clients — not knowing how to handle and troubleshoot problems when they arise do. (In the event a conclusion cannot be made as to whether or not it is a professional or client error for poor lash retention, offer a complimentary 30-minute appointment and refill the lashes. Be extra keen and meticulously during this time to ensure no professional errors are made.)

Storage & Use

Keep lashes in original packaging until use to prevent contamination.

Remove rows you plan to use with tweezers and place onto a lash holder.


Made from Premium A-Class Fibers.


For professional use by trained professionals only.

Do not use for self application.
Do not use for cluster lashes.
Do not use for strip lashes.

Please read full terms & conditions here. By purchasing products through this site, you agree to these terms.

Helpful Easy Fanning Lashes Guide

1st Time Buying Guide

Try a C curl, 8-15mm mixed length lash tray to start. This will give you a chance to see how you like the lashes, to complete a few sets and to know which lengths you use most.

 Read the sections below to learn about different Curls, Diameters and Lengths.

If you find yourself having difficulty making your own fans, you may wish to try our Easy Fan Volume Lashes or our already Pre-Made Volume Fans.

Need additional assistance or recommendations? Contact our support team in the bottom right hand corner and we would be more than happy to help!

Curls (Different Looks)

C curl: Classic (natural) look.

D curl: Dramatic look.

Diameters (Safe Weight)

Highclass Lashes’ recommended number of fans you can safely apply on your client’s natural lashes using these diameters. *Based on our calculations of volumetric weight (or the dimensional weight of a lash in a given space to determine true weight) to ensure the health and safety of your client's natural lashes.

0.03 mm: 1D - 20D fans (Clients with weak, thin lashes: 1 - 12D)*

0.05 mm: 1D - 8D fans (Clients with weak, thin lashes: 1 - 6D)*

0.07 mm: 1D - 3D fans (Clients with weak, thin lashes: 1 - 2D)*

Lash coverage and fullness differences between fans:

3D: light coverage (soft, natural look)

6D: medium coverage (thicker, dramatic look)

9D+: heavy coverage (popular instagram look)

Lengths (Proper Sizes)

Length depends on your client's natural lashes. (Longer lengths than your client’s natural lashes can support will overload the lashes and result in premature shedding, breakage and overtime, cause traction alopecia.)

Ideally, you will match the length of your client’s lashes and extend up to 3mm in length (maximum). You can measure your client’s lashes using any of our Volume Tweezers, which come built-in with a lash ruler.

You can start with a 8-15mm mixed length tray until you know which lengths you use most.

L+ curl: Ideal for clients with deep set, hooded or monolid eyes.

  • 1 roll
  • Strong hold
  • Gentle removal
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Medical-grade quality
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Marie B.

My favorite tape! Wouldn’t use anything else

Stickiness is perfect. 👌 I prefer the medical tape over any other plastic or paper tape because you can use it to replace both and it's gentle on my clients skin.